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As part of her bid to become the first woman to ski all the continents, Norma skied in a variety of unusual spots. The Daily Telegraph  featured her accounts of skiing in:




The High Atlas Mountains, Morocco


The Drakensbergs , South Africa


Hawaii (yes, at 14,000 feet, Mauna Kea sometimes has snow.)


Chacaltaya, in Bolivia at 18.850 feet, the world’s highest ski ‘resort’. [See picture left]

Her ski travels evolved to include any unusual travel. The Daily Telegraph featured her account of rafting the River Tara in the former Yugoslavia and attending the Calgary Stampede. [See picture right - it’s a spoof but it was fun.]





Norma was fortunate to know and work with Erna Lowe, a pioneer of ski package holidays.[Pictured front left]. Centre front is Valentina Tereshkova, the 1st woman in space.




She has visited and skied some of the world's volcanoes. Notably, she has skied the slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna and seen its recent lava flows and has also visited the infamous Montserrat eruptions in the Leewards. [See picture on right of buried Telephone box in Montserrat]



In the role of volunteer waitress, Norma attended the Gala Banquet  for 1000 at the finish of the Iditarod, Alaska’s famous annual husky dog race.


Antarctica revealed many wonders and the Falklands en route were unforgettable.


Driving part of 75 year old Route 66 in USA was a great experience, as was climbing to see the sunrise from Blue Mountain Peak in Jamaica. That was quite an endurance test. [See left pic]

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